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“Maybe I’ll Just…”

I talk with a lot of people who are stagnant, frustrated, or desperate. One person might not be where they want to be in their career. Another person might be where she wants to be but recognize that it’s not what she expected. Someone else might realize that his work life is now costing him in more ways than it’s paying […]

What You Already Know About Grit Might Hurt You

Those that live with the sometimes tortuous drive to be the best at what we do, to strive for ever higher peaks in our performance know well that effort is essential in creating success. Will this message lead an achievement oriented successful person to think, “Alright, if I want more, I am going to get even grittier. I will work even harder. I’ll persevere more!”?

When Success Blows Up…Are you the Mentos?

It’s time for a little success lesson from Steve Spangler, our locally based and internationally recognized hands-on science educator. Steve’s the guy we all must thank for introducing us to the spectacular Mentos and Diet Coke geyser experiment. This fantastic display of the volatility of gas is not only instructive of scientific concepts, it also […]

Happy World Day For Safety and Health At Work!

As if there could be a more perfect follow up to my teleseminar yesterday…yes, it was yesterday, not today as might have been suggested by the message that you got from me this morning :)…. Today is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The timing could NOT be better! Yes, this sounds at […]

Fear Not Feedback

I recently had some feedback about my participation and performance at a workshop. The feedback stung. As I listened to what was said I felt warm at the back of my neck. My arms were tightening. I could feel a surge of something rising in my chest. My body was responding chemically, neurologically, and physically as if I […]

Success Isn’t Supposed to Suck!

Do your Mondays start on Sunday…with the worry and dread of what’s to come? Is your commitment to be the best at what you do often threatened by burnout? Does it seem like you have to drag yourself through even the simplest of tasks because you’re just so uninspired by  work? Are you frustrated with sacrificing today […]