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Shedding Light on Shadow Values

One of the most revealing exercises that my clients engage in when we work together has them uncover and dig into their deepest, most important values. This work is one of the ways they start to better know themselves. It opens up an awareness of specific areas in which they can take action to start […]

Happy? Under What Condition?

Last week I experienced a tremendous disappointment. I learned that I wasn’t accepted into a program that I was really hoping to participate in. It sucked. When I got this news the feelings rushed in: sadness, rejection, anger, uncertainty about what this meant. My confidence took a pretty serious blow. I most definitely was not happy. […]

What Do You Mean?

Without a clear meaning or connection with what truly matters or means something to you in the goals that you set, it is quite possible that the goals you’re targeting aren’t of any real value to you.

Success Lessons From The Desert

Confession. I am a recovering over-doer. Well, I like to think I’m recovering. Sometimes, in truth, I’m just as buried in over-doing as I’ve always been, but I tell myself that I’m not. My default MO is to commit myself to the extreme with tasks, obligations, friends, family, and work. Yes, I have a sneaky […]

Swimming Off Course: A Success Lesson

Do you ever feel that you have a goal or target, that you’re clear on what you need to do, and that you’re working super hard to get there? Ever feel simultaneously like you are working your butt off to reach your goal and that everything seems harder than it should be? Have you pushed […]

More on Vul-ner-a-bil-i-ty: The Willingness to be Wrong

If you were paying attention to my message yesterday you will have noticed that the title, your first point of contact with that message, incorrectly listed vulnerability as having five syllables. In actual fact, it has six syllables. I was wrong; publicly wrong. That’s vulnerability in action! As risky as it was to do that, I […]

Vulnerability: The Five Syllable Fancy Word for Risk

There is much ado these days about vulnerability. Seen and understood as that opening up of oneself, being raw, exposing messiness or uncertainty, even showing weakness. Leaders and icons of business, sport, entertainment, and public service are praised for it. And it is no wonder, that we too, drawn in by the realness and truth that […]

Fool’s Gold: The Emptiness in My Athletic Success

Here’s a little personal story for you. Many of you know that I have a long history in endurance sports. I’ve completed numerous long distance running and triathlon events, many of them with top of the top quartile results. Race after race I proved that I had the ability to set a goal, train hard, […]

Chef’s Table Menu: Success, Satisfaction…and Suffering?

Is success a burden? Is there an element of torment in doing work that is deeply important to you? I’ve been haunted by these and similar questions for months now. Ever since I watched the Dan Barber episode of the Netflix original series Chef’s Table.  This episode highlights Dan’s work in the kitchen as well as […]